Kaftan Ribbing

In late 2010 I started to knit a sweater that was supposedly to fit little H. in 2011. I knitted the back and the front and even got tot he part where you had to knit the hood.
I cannot remember ever knitting a gauge before I started the kaftan, I suppose I did not knit one. There is also no suggested needle size nor a sample gauge since the yarn is from the Hambuger Wollfabrik were you get your yarn spinned in your desired thickness. In 2010 I guessed that thickness.
Looking back now I know that a gauge keeps you from ribbing and from hours of frustration when the proportions of the final piece aren’t correct or, even worse, to whole knit doesn’t fit. I also know that yarns from the HWF are always special and definitely need a gauge. No. Matter. What.
Kaftan back
I stopped knitting this sweater in February due to little A’s pregnancy nausea. Finally, spring came then summer; I didn’t knit during those months. I also forgot about the sweater due to other projects. I eventually forgot how far in I was with the hood, how many increases I’d already made. The only thing I did on a fairly regular basis was to pass by this project and putting it from one spot to another when cleaning up.
To this very day I never had the guts to just rib it. Although I knew that I would never finish it, I always passed it by leaving it half-knitted, untouched.

Today I passed it by again. I took it out of its little bag, a present bag, btw, we got from a dear friend with a birth present for baby H back in 2009, and put it on our dinner table. I already knew what was coming next. It was time. Within a few minutes I ribbed the whole thing remembering that I knitted the back in Zürs on our winter vacation. Little H had just turned one, she couldn’t walk when we got there and walked several meters when we got back home 10 days later. She also grew her first front teeth while I knitted on the back. And I, I was already pregnant again, yet we didn’t know at the time, by the end of the vacation I guessed it, though.
left side
Had I finished the sweater now, I think, I would not have been happy with the result. Too unevenly knitted back, big holes when trying to need seemless and no gauge whatsoever – who knows whom this sweater would fit?!

After ribbing I put the yarn on the kitchen weight and found out I had about 300 grams of a rather thick yarn. Worsted, maybe even aran weight. Right now, I am not sure what to knit of it, but I sure have some ideas.
330 grams

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