wip Wednesday: Cinnamon Season

Back in February I found Elena Nodel’s designs on ravelry. It only took me a second to fall in love with the first Spice Girls series and it took me just a few more to by them all.
Until now, though, I didn’t have the time and the courage to start on of her knit wear designs. Mostly because it is summer and all of these designs are something for the colder seasons of the year. Now that fall is just around the corner I got back to the spice girls and, after a test knit gauge, thought that I should just go ahead and finally try one of those designs. I pretty much spontaneously went for Cinnamon.
I actually fell for Lavanda when first seeing the patterns but hesitated as my stash may not support a pattern with hood and long sleeves.
After casting on I did have a short moment of wtf?! with the set up of the first row. However, everything went surprisingly well and after a few rows I got where this was going. While taking the pictures for this post yesterday, little A. was awake and eager to help me…
That’s why all my pictures have tiny hands in them grabbing and pulling on my project.
While I was getting my camera ready she had her morning how-to-fly-like-little-A.-superbaby-practice:

I admit, I am worried she just plops sideways and falls down. But so far so good, no accidents during training 😉

After all this said, finally the picture of the Cinnamon in red.
wip Cinnamon
The yarn is from HWF, it is actually a blend of two different shades of red. I had my sister buy it in the fall of 2011 and so far only used it for a pompom hat for Miss H. . The yarn is Merino wool, I am still debating if, given that enough yarn is left, I should go for long sleeves to make this her fall 2012/spring 2013 jacket.
I got Miss H. to try it on last night and, well, it fits! She will, probably, still have room to grow into but it doesn’t look too big – which is what I was worried about (as usual).
I am knitting size 3T. Before I started I even measured her and found out she would probably also fit into 24 months, but I figured she would grow over the winter too and would be a pity if it would only fit this fall.

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