or “tisted” as H says ….

When visiting my parents two weeks ago in Hamburg (Germany) I stopped by Hambuger Wollfabrik to get some new yarns for my (and my sister’s) fall projects. Just a few days earlier I came across Elena Nodels new design “Wild Vanilla“. I really liked the idea of having a little vest for H during fall. Something she could wear over shirts, long or short sleeved. Something that would make pants and shirts special. So when I stood at HWF I first had some merino wool in my mind. Then I thought “it’s something to but over her everyday wear, maybe 100% merino in fall (or next spring) is a bit to heavy” And went for a cotton-merino-rayon blend in a nice cream to light orange mix. I was delighted and eager to start the vest. After all, fall isn’t far off anymore! I did a gauge. Got my stitches right and cast on!
I’ll post my experience with the pattern and the knitting in an extra article soon. This one is all about the yarn only.

When I knitted the back, I thought, at first, I might just didn’t see right. I am knitting at nights after the girls are in bad, bad lightning s usually the case. My main goal is also: get at least four rows done before A calls for me. The longer the back good the more I came to realize that something is wrong.

Yesterday, I am just before halfway through the project, I had a minute to look at the garment during nap time and it hit me… The whole piece has a twist

Apricot vanilla (wip)

See that?
My first hats had that same twist – a rightward leaning of the stitches. That was, as I found out through my mom, because I had knit tbls instead of k.
Although this wasn’t the case here I still get this twist in the knit wear.
Google helped me and I found out that the yarn itself is overtwisted. Basically there is nothing I can do.

The front side with the cables (so far) isn’t as bad as that back though…

Apricot vanilla (wip)

That said, it is a real pain in the ass that the yarn itself makes the project a ugh!

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3 Responses to Twisted

  1. soknitsome says:

    It’s a cute vest and very practical with the top part naturally closed.
    Knitting in the round also causes some twist as you’re actually working a spiral not ‘rows’.

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