FO Friday: Cinnamon Season

In the first half of September we were on vacation in Spain. We had a great time, lots of sun and warm weather.
I took H.’s Cinnamon with me. The cardigan was almost finished when we left, only missing some rows on the second sleeve and buttons. I knew she could be using it once we would land in Germany.
And I was right, I already put it on her during the flight home as, for whatever reason, already the airline company wanted us to get used to German weather conditions. It was freezing cold in the airplane (bye bye 30 degrees Celsius in Spain).

Since then she is wearing this cardigan almost every day. It fits her very nice but she still has room to grow into.
I chose size 3T, as she is turning 3 in a bit over two months, so knitting it a bit too big seemed reasonable as it should fit her throughout all of next spring.
The pattern is great, but I have to say that I got a bit tired of the purls and knits as the cardigan got longer. Still, the easy pattern has a fantastic look.
She was wearing it on Sunday to church and just looked totally cute.

As modifications are concerned, I added buttons all the way down. H. is only durning 3, she needs something to keep her warm and cozy during the cold fall mornings. Especially, as she is playing outside every day in preschool.

The yarn is from Hamburger Wollfabrik, it’s a blend of two red shades and it’s a 100% Merino wool – nice warm and soft.

You can find the pattern to this “Cinnamon” cardigan on ravelry.

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6 Responses to FO Friday: Cinnamon Season

  1. It looks great and super comfy, too. I can see why she’s been wearing it all the time! I think you made the right move by sizing it a little larger.

  2. Maria says:

    Beautiful! And a really gorgeous cardigan as well! 😉

  3. Regula says:

    Beautiful cardigan!

  4. Jazz says:

    Lovely cardigan! And the model looks so pretty.

  5. Random Knits says:

    Its really cute. I kinda want to modify it to fit me. I wonder if that is possible?

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