wip Wednesday: Mini Hoodie 2012

Last year I knitted A. who’s called “Mini” around here, a hooded cardigan. I love the design and it is why I actually bought the book with which it came in the first place. The Cardigan is called “Jasper Diamond Hoodie“. The book it was published in is called “Vintage Baby Knits“.
side note: I knitted the Hoodie before, back in 2010, it came out ok, but the color wasn’t at all what I had hoped for, it looks more like a hunter’s green which is so not my color. I never put on the buttons on it and H. never wore it.
When I finished A’s first Hoodie in the first days of 2011 I was so proud of myself. The Hoodie, the pattern, the baby in it. It was all perfect. I still remember that she basically never wore any other hoodie until … well until with all good means … it had gotten to small. But spring came and it would soon have been to warm for the season anyway. But already back then I had bought the yarn for fall/winter 2012. I really like the grey the pattern is knit in the book. But looking at the yarn stores here and online I never found the perfect grey-blueish yarn. So I decided to let Hamburger Wollfabrik do their job and got a 100& Merino Wool in a blend of three different colorways. The result is great (still not the yarn from the picture in the book but close).
See for yourself, because the “Mini Hoodie 2012” is my this week’s wip – I just finished Body, front and back last night:

wip Mini Hoodie 2012

As you can see, the blend of the colors works well together and knitted you can’t really see the different tones.
Here’s a close up of the pattern and the yarn:
close up (yarn)

While knitting I also got out Mini’s first Hoodie and, oh dear, was she ever that tiny?!
Even worse: she is turning one (O.N.E.!) next week!
Where did the time go?!

retro: mini Hoodie 2011

(even after washing the spit up spots never really got out ^^ and the cuff on the right arm was always the preferred suck-on hand, you can see that too)

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4 Responses to wip Wednesday: Mini Hoodie 2012

  1. Random Knits says:

    Aww they look adorable. So glad you like the pattern.

  2. So pretty. Love the diamond textured pattern. It looks like the first one was well-loved 🙂

  3. What a pretty little sweater! I have that book too and it has some really lovely things in it! (And it is always so hard to see their baby clothes again isn’t it?)

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