FO Friday: From Mommy with Love

Fall is here and with every new fall there come new hats.

This year’s first fall hat belongs to my oldest daughter. She had a hat which I bought in summer in Hamburg. However we couldn’t fit her pigtails underneath. The hat was just too tight. What she needed was a hat that has a bit of a slouch at the top so that it wouldn’t smush her pigtails.
Slouchy hat for H.
When searching ravelry for a fitting pattern I already crossed tones of hat patterns that are now on my ever growing must-knit-one-day-list. In my next life I will start right at 8 months with knitting otherwise I will never be able to finish and knit all the great patterns out there …

In the end I decided to mix’n’match a few patterns. I also added a few rows of stockinette sts below the ribbing to get a roll brimmed edging. The ribbing and heart row was contributed, so to speak, by the pattern “From Norway with love” and the increasing and decreasing at the top to shape the slouch I took from “Felicity” a hat, by the way, that will be knitted this fall/winter to be mine all mine!!!
Of course, I seized it down to fit H.s tiny girl head. With an aran weight yarn and needle sized 4.0 mm I casted on 88 sts (she has a small head for her age, seems to be genetic, because I too do have a small head).
The pics show A. modeling the head as H. was in pre school while I took the pictures.
Slouchy hat

H.’s been wearing the hat ever since I finished it last week (and it actually is already that freezing cold here again). It was also the first knit wear she was willing (thank God) to try on while I was still working on it and needed to check if it was high enough and if the circumference was right. Actually, she would be asking if it was finished when she saw it laying around her in the mornings. She also keeps pointing out that I knitted that hat for her. A bonus are also the hearts, I think, she likes the idea of her hat having shapes.

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5 Responses to FO Friday: From Mommy with Love

  1. Regula says:

    Lovely hat! No wonder she is wearing it all day. 🙂

  2. mary says:

    Nice job on converting and merging patterns to get wht you wanted..a bit above my skill set…but there is hope yet!

  3. Karen says:

    The hat is so cute!

  4. Kepanie says:

    That is one sweet hat. I love how you mismashed patterns to knit a hat that turned out perfect for your daughter!

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