Full House

Day care was closed last week due to school holidays and some restrictions to smaller child care instutions in our county. So H. had a week off of her day care.
The week was a bit more stress than usual, of course. It meant doing household works and keeping the kids busy at once. Which is why Wednesday as Friday went by and I actually only noticed it when it was already dark outside and the energy long gone from the busy day we had.
We had some great time with my sister who came to visit last week too (also to give a helping hand with the girls and stuff). On Thursday friends with their two boys invided us for a geo-caching walk. I was pretty surprised by the forest through which the cache led us, it is off a busy road which we take on regular terms. I never thought that there was a almost enchanted-like forest back there! Also, H. walked the whole time (carried A. in her carrier on my back). Of course you aren’t as fast with three kids under 5 but still, walking for two hours, running and the fresh air … She kept up great the whole time.
Friday we met for “just a play date” and were home way past bed time.
Saturday we did a trip to a castle in southern Brandenburg.
Burg Rabenstein

I baked a pumpkin pie and they brought coffee. We also had some veggies and bread with us, for all those little picky eaters who don’t (not yet) like delicious cake 😉

Burg Rabenstein
Again we enjoyed the time and the kids kept themselves pretty much busy all the time, exploring the forest, the castle and playing knights.
Again we got home way later than usual bed time and both girls were out like a light shortly after we got back home.

The next few weeks will bring an interesting change to our daily routine as A. started day care today. For the next few weeks she is getting familiar with the day care. The first few days she is only staying an hour. She is also not staying alone there but one of us is with her all the time. Only when she feels secure we will be asked to leave for few minutes and come back before she feels left alone there. H. familiarization went on for almost six weeks when she first went into day care. A. and H. are also attending the same day care and will see each other throughout the day. At least for the next few months until H. switches into the 3+ group. We are curious to see how A. handles the change as she knows the day care from dropping H. off and picking her up. So far she was always more secure in new places than her sister.

Today we drew some fall pictures in the afternoon, H. couldn’t get enough of it and finally went on to do hand prints in various colors but mainly red.

Yes, she is wearing a white shirt. I think, I was lucky and held my tongue not pointing out that she has to be careful with not painting herself. She did great, the shirt was still clean when she changed into her PJs later.

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One Response to Full House

  1. Kepanie says:

    What a cool way to spend a few days. Love your little one’s take on Fall.

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