wip Wednesday: Zwergenmantel

Lately H. has been taking her baby doll to every place we’ve been to. Unfortunately, her little darling only has, so far, clothing suitable for the warmer seasons of the year. So I thought I’d change that and started knitting a little coat for her (or him, not so sure if the doll has a gender yet, clothing would suggest a girl, but her talking about the doll sometimes would suggest it’s a boy, not that it matters anyway).
The wool is some acrylic left over. And yes, left over hit the nail on the head. When starting the sleeves I could already foresee that the rest of the yarn wouldPuppenmütze #1 just not make it for both sleeves. So I added some pink for the sleeves in absence of any other suitable left over yarn. I suppose since the baby doll is still neutral after I knitted “it” this hat  last year, some more pink won’t do much damage. Besides, now the coat and the hat will be a matching set …
ZwergenmantelSince the baby doll is special in every way also the sizing needed individual measurements. At the upper back, our little darling is somewhat slimmer which is why I did some additional decreases on the back.
ZwergenmantelThe pattern is everything else but perfect. I guess, though, H. won’t mind, as long as her little baby has it nice and warm.

Btw: this will be my first finished Christmas present 2012. Hoping to add some pants and a pair of shoes to that coat as well before December.

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4 Responses to wip Wednesday: Zwergenmantel

  1. What a cute little sweater 🙂 Green is definitely neutral so baby is not being defined by the sweater.

  2. Kepanie says:

    How fun that Doll is getting a custom made cardi! That’s very special.

  3. chrisknits says:

    What a sweet coat for the babe. Wonder how many times it will be put on and taken off? When my girls were little, off was more often than on with doll clothes.

  4. Regula says:

    It looks nice with the pink sleeves. 🙂

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