Golden Autuum

I am not a great friend of the cooler months of the year. I like the changing of the colors of the trees and I like winter, if it’s white. But I really dislike the rain, the cold, the layers and layers of cloths that have to be put on and the darkness that comes with all of that.
That’s why I loved last weekend. Last week A. was wearing a snow suit, yesterday she was outside just in a short sleeved shirt, I walked bare foot. Probably the last time this year. But it was great! We really had nice temperatures and enjoyed the day mainly outside (until the sun set at 5 pm and it suddenly was all over …)

While A. took a nap at noon, H. and I sewed my first chocolate wrap pouch for which I got the instructions here.
helping me sew
She really likes helping me knitting and sewing. She imitates knitting quiet well, wrapping the yarn around one finger hand and always demanding at least 2 needles (sometimes 4 … but that usually gets a bit tricky …). If you ask her what she is knitting on it’s typically something for her doll or her little sister but always something I knitted for her and now the other one will need this too. H. is very caring if it comes to persons (or her doll) that are dear to her.
After A. took her nap we went outside and I prepared the little run bike I bought for H. in February for A.
About two months ago, H. went from the little run bike to the next size up and ever since is really running off with it.
getting this one ready for her
I suppose she isn’t getting back on the smaller one (until A. is actually riding it of course and the smaller one is of real interest again) but A. has shown, of course, a huge interest in the run bike (she really has her eyes on the price). Now, she can at least touch the ground with her feet. Of course she cannot ride it by herself yet, but she enjoys being pushed a few meters.

What she actually already manages to ride is the 4 wheel run bike we got for H. last year. It also serves her well as a walking aid …
H. also got a neat little accessories for her run bike last weekend from her grandparents:

Baby doll seat, safe driving first

A doll seat for her little babe. She just loves it. We went for a walk to the nearby playground and guess who could join us for the very first time there, too? The little darling of hers! The seat is perfect, a bigger doll would fit in so her little baby doll isn’t falling out while she is doing some interesting maneuvers nor is it too tight for H. to get the doll in and out by herself.
Later on we did some bubble blowing. H. is getting better and better at it. I just find it hilarious how she forms her mouth and how very concentrated she is with her eye-hand-mouth coordination:


Hope your weekend was just as nice!

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One Response to Golden Autuum

  1. Kepanie says:

    It was so cute to read about your babies. They’re adorable.

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