wip Wednesday: Little Sister’s Dress

I have this little project of trying to find projects which I want to knit and trying to use stashed yarn for it, first. It’s not quiet a stash-reducing-no-new-yarn-buying project as I do not consider my stash enormous, but still, there is wool I bought when I started knitting and never used. Still waiting to be put in use and getting a purpose.
So for the current project I only bought Schoppel-Wolle’s Crazy Zauberball “Wolke 7” as an additional sock-weight-yarn to knit a “Little sister’s dress” (it’s going to be a dress as part of a set as a Christmas gift).

I was already way further down the road when I recognized that there were only 3 increase sections, not 4 … I tried ribbing it down to the first section where one only knits back and forth. But picking up those small stitches was not much fun and I not the most patient person last night. It resulted in ribbing the whole thing and starting off new.
Second time around I was faster anyway.

This is, what it looks right know:


I am knitting size 12 months, the little girl it is supposed to be for will turn one by February 2013. I am hoping she can wear it little before and than throughout spring next year. If it looks nice, I am thinking of knitting A. one as her this year’s Christmas outfit in a nice red-tone.
Last week’s fever held on for another two days. Afterwards A. came down with a cold. It’s common saying in Germany that a fever speeds up teething, “pushing” them out. Well that or just by co-incidence A. is currently getting her first and second upper teeth.

see more wip’s at Tami’s Amis and at Frontier Dreams

Happy Halloween!

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3 Responses to wip Wednesday: Little Sister’s Dress

  1. Nicky says:

    I love the colour of the yarn you’re using!

  2. Michelle says:

    The knitted dress is going to be adorable! I have a feeling you’ll be making a second one!

  3. Kepanie says:

    OMGosh, using fingering weight to knit a toddler dress! You are adventurous aren’t you :O)? I love that Zauberball colorway. I have the one pictured on the page you linked. I wanna make socks out of it one day.
    Sorry your little one is feverish. Those are no fun and damn, teething sucks! Thank goodness she won’t remember it.

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