FO Friday: Mini Hoodie 2012

It has been one of my most favorite patterns ever since I started knitting, I love the looks, I love the texture. Basically, I love all and everything about the Jasper Diamond Hoodie. Except the seaming …

Jasper Diamond Hoodie

Jasper diamond Hoodie in hunter’s green

I knitted my first Hoodie back in 2010. I thought green would be nice, adding some rare color to H. wardrobe. However, the green looked a lot like a hunter’s green when I finished the hoodie. Probably my most least liked color. She never wore it. Even though I adored the pattern I just couldn’t put it on her…

Time went by, I was intimidated by the differences of looks of yarn on the ball and then knitted.


the very orange scarf, knitted in winter 2010/2011

When A. was born I went through my stash and found this very orange-reddish yarn, a left over from a scarf I had knitted H. for winter. I figured that it should be enough yarn for a hoodie.

It was, it was one of the greatest pieces I’d ever knit so far! I called it “Mini Hoodie 2011” already knowing that there would be a 2012 edition.

retro: mini Hoodie 2011

Mini Hoodie 2011 – gotten too small way to fast

And so, in July, I once more started knitting a Jasper Diamond Hoodie, calling it “Mini Hoodie 2012“. There were quiet a few different projects I started and finished in between but the Hoodie grew constantly.

For a few days now, A. is already wearing her little jacket. It looks gorgeous. I don’t think she’ll be wearing any other hoodie this year anymore.

Mini Hoodie 2012

Mini Hoodie 2012 – this year in grey

This time I went for something less colorful, rather a neutral color. As both girls have boxes of little things that are special to me and them I want A. to keep this hoodie as a heirloom object in her box – when, in few years time (I’ll just tell her not to grow anymore) she’ll have outgrown it. Which is why I knitted it in a color that is gender neutral.

meliertes Grau.

Yarn, grey.

The yarn is, again from HWF, it is 100% Merino but a blend of 2 different grey shades. The wool consists of 4 threads which makes it a DK weight yarn.

Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, these were taken with cell additionally we had lots of rain the last few days, so no chance of getting some really cute pictures of A. so far …

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7 Responses to FO Friday: Mini Hoodie 2012

  1. The hoodie is beautiful! I love the color. To be honest I don’t care for seaming either but don’t tell anyone:)

  2. chrisknits says:

    What a sweet sweater. I have a girls bolero pattern I do over and over. Just finished the 2nd one of this year’s crop yesterday. I need to branch out! LOL

  3. jazzoo6J says:

    Awesome job! Hope this time it lasts a little bit longer.

  4. that hoodie is super cute. Mind u, so is the model.

  5. Kepanie says:

    Love all of them! So cute upon A.

  6. Charlotte says:

    Beautiful sweater! It looks great. I love neutral colors personal.

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