wip Wednesday: Little Sister’s Dress 1.2

I am a little late to the game this week, Still, I don’t want to just skip the wip Post for this week. But working late on Tuesday made Wednesday somehow fly by as if it was only a glimpse of a second and voilà! There we have Thursday already.

I am still working on the little sister’s dress. I am half way through the dress. Hoping to finish it in the next few days as a have two more urgent projects in the pipe, both of them gifts, both with a deadline at the end of November…Little Sister's Dress

I changed colors on the little sister’s dress after the increases for the sleeves were done. I originally intended to knit a vest with the purple sock yarn (for A but she grew too fast and I would have never finished the vest in time) and am hoping to get some of this yarn used up for this dress now instead.

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One Response to wip Wednesday: Little Sister’s Dress 1.2

  1. Kepanie says:

    This is a great start! I love the muted pastels.

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