St. Martin’s weekend

Last weekend was all about St. Martin. We already told H throughout the week we would be, same as last year, attending the pageant on Saturday and that there will be St. Martin with his horse and a big fire. All things she liked about the story too. As Saturday came H wasn’t quiet in the mood for church. She wanted to rather go right down to business, see the horse and the fire engines and get going to the lantern walk.

Little did she know that church would be great fun as our local church did a story telling of St. Martin’s legend preformed by the children of the children’s church. H enjoyed it in her usual manner: big eyes, no word – sucking it all in.
St. Martin mit Pferd

After the sermon she told us that she liked it.
When we left church it was already dark. While we were listening to the story the fire department had arrived as well as a rider from a nearby farm, dressed as a St. Martin. When we showed H she was delighted (still: no word, no facial reaction, just pure fascination for the moment).
We put A in the buggy and watched the opening sermon by the band.
The following lantern walk through the town was a bit more relaxed than last year’s. Probably also there were less people due to the rain we had that just shortly before the walk had stopped. Last year big gaps within the group kind of made it hard to keep up with the band in front of the group.
Ben carried H on his shoulders who held her lantern very proud and enjoyed every moment. She even smiled at times but mostly, we think, she was just overwhelmed with all the impressions.
Last year we got little hearts from the church. I still remember carrying her lantern since she was more fascinated by this little felted heart she got than by the lantern (I put this heart in her little “treasure box” so she can remember that it’s not always about the big stuff, but about the small things one finds along the way).Spielmannszug

After the walk the fire department light up the St. Martin fire by which we stood for a little while longer listening to the band and sharing croissants, brezels and other little goodies passed around by church members as a symbol for sharing.

As I said, H didn’t say much throughout the whole evening. It really got to her later after she already had her good night ritual with washing, changing and good night story. She called me to her bed and asked if she had a lantern and if she was at the lantern walk. I replied that she did so and she just giggled. She really liked it. And it took her another 45 Minutes to finally let go and fall asleep.

On Sunday we went to church in the morning. We attended children’s church with the two girls where we again heard the story of St. Martin. This time it was very in depth and definitely written for older children. H was very relieved when we moved on to crafting her on paper horse and St. Martin.
We left church right for lunch. Ben took A down for a nap and I took H to the fabric market in Potsdam (we bought some fabric for A’s advent calenderFabric for Mini's Advent calender, I also want to re-use my nursing cushion, so we bought some fabric to turn it into a seat cushion for the girls room). We took the St. Martin story book with us on the train. We lately had instances where she would notice things from pictures in books or magazines that she has or that we did with her just as well. But this time around she pointed things out, took the story within the book to retell me our yesterday’s lantern walk.
I really enjoyed and cherished that moment. She really is getting big and I am always amazed how detailed she remembers events and moments (also scares me because she probably also, just as well, notices stress and hectic which I can’t always keep away from her).

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  1. Kepanie says:

    What a beautiful ceremony to experience. Great, festive fabric there.

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