wip wednesday: Wild Vanilla

– January of 2013 has been just crazy. With constant sickness of one to four family members we were pretty busy with getting the daily routine done. Since last week we are now back to “normal life mode” and hope any bigger series of sickness may pass us for the next few months. –

We just booked our summer vacation a few days back. Ever since we decided to spent a week up on North Sea I’ve been busy looking for useful and cute patterns for the crisp sea weather up there for the girls. I’ve been to the North Sea a couple of times on vacation that I know how freezing cold the days can be up there. Even in Summer. Also my parents currently live and work in Hamburg, a City with just as much of a crisp sea breeze at times as the shores of the North Sea. Yet, I like the North Sea and the weather because the climate is so very refreshing and pure.
But vacation with two little girls means most of all one thing: useful an practical clothing for every kind of weather. I just finished a gathering stripes for H. It is supposed to be her new winter sweater for this years fall/winter but we will probably take it along just as much as the current wip, a “Wild Vanilla” by Elena Nodel.

Menilla "Wild Vanilla"
I already knit this pattern once, in August 2012, but the yarn from my first attempt was overtwisted and gave the whole pattern a rather unexpected “turn”. Apricot vanilla (wip)
So when we booked our apartment a few days back I immediately thought of this pattern as a nice addition to the wardrobe for our vacation. Besides, I also thought it would make a great topper for spring and chilly summer mornings.
The hardest part was the color decision. As a yarn I picked Lana Grossa’s “Mondo” – a merino-cotton blend. I found 100% merino might be a bit too warm for summer. Color-wise I ended up ordering a very pale pink. This might not be the most practical color for a busy 3 and a half year old but H is more of the careful kind of a child. Furthermore I was trying to pick a color that would work well with a lot of colors in her closet. And lastly I am hoping A will be wearing the same Vanilla in two years and she is, in contrast to her sister, a very light skinned person, bright colors aren’t really her type. Pale pink is.
The yarn is very, very soft, yet when I had the half-knit piece laying on my lap I felt it was nice and cozy enough to keep the torso warm.
The pattern has, ever since it was published and I first knitted it, one of my most favorites. I most of all like the set up of the front closing via cables.
H hasn’t seen my newest garment for her. I usually show it to her by the time it is almost finished as she does not get the concept of something isn’t finished (or broken and cannot be put in it’s original form again) yet.
Next thing would be choosing a color for A’s wild vanilla. I keep coming back to light pink as well or light blue. With her very light skin and her ocean blue eyes these two colors fit her best, yet I always like a variety of colors… Something to think about for the next few days…

see more wip’s at Tami’s Amis and at Frontier Dreams

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9 Responses to wip wednesday: Wild Vanilla

  1. Hopefully you all are healthy! Love you work, the cables are beautiful!

  2. Heather says:

    That is a lovely pattern! I haven’t done cables yet, but it is something I hope to learn this year! Planning a vacation also sounds awesome 🙂

  3. Wool and cotton is a lovely blend for the slightly warmer months. It is soft and warm but very breathable. You don’t overhead in it. I think this will be a very successful project for you little ones.

  4. Ruth says:

    I love the pattern of Wild Vanilla and have it in my favourites for some time for my girls. Your right it will make a great garment for those spring and summer chilly mornings.

  5. Lovely! I’m an Elena Nodel fan and have a few more of her designs in my queue at the moment. I love that her patterns are well written and in such a good range of sizes.

  6. mary says:

    it is a lovely pattern…pale pink can wash a person out, but with the blue eye….that would be striking. The north sea? I live out in the North Atlantic and I think that is cold..!

  7. Very pretty so far, and I think you’ve made a wise choice on the color.

  8. jazzoo6j says:

    Lovely pattern! The color looks awesome.

    Here’s my WIP: http://mibruno.com/en-proceso-75/

  9. Kepanie says:

    Glad to see you chaco online. The family cold is no fun and hope that bug’s been kicked way out of your household. Love this project you’re working on!

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