FO Friday: Doll Cloths & Doll Making Class

This weekend I will attend a doll-making class in Berlin. A friend of mine from school asked me last year if I was interested in making a Waldorf doll according to Maria from Mariengold designs for my girl(s). We agreed on taking a class together, since she isn’t living anywhere close to Berlin, where the course will be taught we would also meet up for a weekend and she could stay with us.

Mariengold Puppenoutfit

In April she skyped me again, asking if I was still interested and, if so, she would try to get us to seats in the upcoming class at the end of May.
We got these to seats and instantly looked through all of Maria’s doll she had ever put on her galleries. We talked about what skin color, hair color and eye color our dolls should get and, most importantly, which size and “Baby” or “child”?
I decided that Amber should get the doll we’ll be making in class. Hazel got a baby doll for her first birthday which she still loves and cares for. Amber did so too. Yet hers is bathing-suitable. The doll’s body has this water-proofed fabric. And as nice as the idea seems (should she ever want to take her doll into the water), no cloths stay on the baby! I sewed diapers, pants, dresses and tops and Hazel enjoys dressing her doll and changing the diapers and Amber’s doll always, always, looses her cloths. So she is lying around naked more often than being played with.
I noticed that already a while back and googled other baby dolls as a replacement but none was a real alternative. So, when my friend asked me to join her, I already knew that this would be the opportunity to get Amber her special doll as well.

I will be making a light skin-colored, light brown-haired, blue eyed child-doll for her. She will, for now, remain nameless. I am pretty sure Amber will find a name for her – Hazel always found names for her dolls and stuffed animals.

Since we will only be making the doll in class, sewing and knitting cloths for the doll is up to the individual class members. Maria asked every member over the last weeks, if they were willing to sew/knit cloths themselves or if she’ll provide us with outfits for the dolls.
I started sewing some pants and a shirt for the doll to-be. I also knit a dress for her. I will still need shoes, but shoes are crochet and sizing is individual according to the doll’s foot. So I still need to measure the feet once the doll is all stuffed.

I am pretty sure that once I get home with the finished doll, Hazel will want one too. We are in that phase of property-is-what-defines-me…
Thinking ahead, I already ordered an additional doll (child) package from Maria. I will than sew and craft this doll together at home. (I am currently debating with myself, if I should attend the sew-along on naturkinder)
Two children eventually means two dolls 😉
I am very much looking forward to the course.

Find more Finished Objects at Tami’s Amis!

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2 Responses to FO Friday: Doll Cloths & Doll Making Class

  1. Kepanie says:

    What a fun class to look forward to. Can’t wait to see your endeavors and what a smile it will put on your daughter’s face.

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