wip Wednesday: Wolfsmeedchen

I like fall for its golden, sunny days, for the moisty air and the smell of wet soil. As long as the temperatures are around 20 to 15 degrees Celcius I am fine. I love summer and the heat, but I wouldn’t mind wearing a light jacket most of the year. It’s the rainy and grey days I don’t like about fall. Last weekend was great, ever since the workdays started again, we had drizzling rain. These are the days when I am already done with fall and winter before it started…

And this kind of weather seems to be most inviting for knitting.
I finished Hazel’s Nozky legwarmers last week and immediately cast on another Gathering Stripes. This time for Amber. I love the pattern, practical and easy, yet enough “space” to individualize the sweater to personal preferences. And it knits up so unbelievable fast!
All in all a very grateful pattern.Gathering Stripes No.2 "Wolfsmeedchen"

Since I can fall back on Hazel’s “Grapes and Lime” from last winter, I adjusted the pattern to Amber’s size. I found that the sweater had quiet some positive ease for Hazel. So I meassured her chest circumference, figured that she is pretty reedy and cast on 10 stitches less than the pattern called for size 2T. Front and back now have 4 stitches and the arms 1 stitch each less. It makes about 4 cm difference in chest circumference. As you can see, I still left room for her to grow into.
Gathering Stripes No.2 "Wolfsmeedchen"
Colorwise I was set on using yarn from my stash. I had several color options. In the end I went with grey as my main color. I used the left over yarn from last years Mini Hoodie 2012 (how I loved these hoodies!). Yet, I have to say, the yarn looks better in stockinette stitch. The different shades of grey work better in plain stockinette. (Hence, the name of the project, it kind of looks like wolves fur, the contrasting indicates the indented owner of the project: a girl.) As for the contrasting color my very first choice was a hot pink I still have in stash. I bought this yarn back in 2010 in Hamburg. I still remember Hazel still being a baby. While my mom and I shopped for yarn my dad went for a walk around the block with.
When we bought the yarn I originally intended to knit more Norwegian sweet baby hats for Hazel back than. I also still remember that the contrasting yarn I bought (which later resulted in the Mini Eyelet Cardigan, a shawl and baby socks for Amber) was somehow off gauge-wise or the colors didn’t match my original intention, anyway, no sweet baby hats in these colors, as you can see.

Gathering Stripes No.2 "Wolfsmeedchen"

So, for the last 3 years this great pink-as-pink-can-be-yarn stayed in my stash. My sister knit Amber some socks winter 2011/12. But everyone knows: tiny baby socks do not use up that much yarn (but we wore them a LOT I loved the pattern and the color).
For a moment, later on, I thought the pink might be a bit too much. The opal green/blueish yarn from Hazel’s Nozkys were my second choice. But my brain had already decided way back when I took out the pink yarn.
And what can I say? I am so in love with this color combination!
Once again the yarn showed me its destination. I am amazed on how yarn sometimes somehow presents it to a project, how one picks a pattern and a long waiting yarn pops out of your stash and you have the feeling it tells you “pick me! pick me!”.

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8 Responses to wip Wednesday: Wolfsmeedchen

  1. Frau PN says:

    Boah! SO schön.
    Und die Kombination ist WIRKLICH toll!

  2. I love grey and red combined together, it’s going to be a lovely jumper when it’s done 🙂

  3. Random Knits says:

    It looks great. I love the grey and red together. Fall has always been my favorite season for the same reasons. I love watching the colors change.

  4. I really love the colour combination it’s lovely.

  5. Kepanie says:

    Totally love this project. Can’t wait to see it on your little one.

  6. Hexe says:

    Kannst du die Babysöckchen nochmal raussuchen? Würde gerne das Muster aufschreiben. 🙂

  7. Hexe says:

    Und: Der Pullover sieht super aus. Das Grau macht es richtig edel 🙂

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