Home. Mine.


My Dresden

Child care was closed last week (due to autumn break in schools). I decided to pack a few things and leave for my home town, Dresden, pretty spontaneously on Tuesday. We headed for my parent’s house to spent the rest of the week there. We got back on Friday night, just in time to pick up DH from the train station. We had great weather and filled the days with lots of adventures for the görls. On Wednesday we went swimming, both girls now “swim” with floaties. I also had a hard time getting them out after more than two hours of splashing and swimming. On Thursday (German Unification Day) we went to the zoo. Zoo Dresden (Hazel wearing her pumpkin hat) Dresden

Waldzwerg(Amber in her Tomtem jacket)

Friday was adventurous in its own special way. I took the girls to a department store in the city to buy Hazel some gloves. While paying for them, Amber wondered of to a shelf nearby. The minute I was done paying and turned around and … she was gone! Hazel and I went through all the aisles and half the floor before we found her adoring a doll’s house in a little hands-on play area in the toys section. This works better than any coffee! Side effects may include increased gray hair growing…

In the afternoon we went for a walk to enjoy the last nice and sunny days and to collect some autumn treasures. Dresden Oktober 2013 Dresden Oktober 2013 Bucheckern sammeln On our way we passed this house. It has always been like this, yet Hazel pointed out, that the roof is broken and we figured that there must have been a fire. This really got her going. And we made up a whole story about why there was a fire and that the local fire department came to rescue the family living in this house at the time. Dresden

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2 Responses to Home. Mine.

  1. Kepanie says:

    She is a little darling. Oh my gravy. I hear you on gray hair. A child of mine has gone off somewhere when she was small. My heart stopped each time.

  2. Mama says:

    War schön mit Euch!

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