Happy 2nd Birthday!

Two years ago, a Sunday, Amber was born. Right about now – 9.26 am a Sunday Morning breakfast child.
Two years ago, can you believe it? I still struggle with my little baby getting big. And Amber of all is a child that grows oh so fast. She is holding several records at our child care. Youngest child in the last few years potty trained, great fine motor skills and language development (keep in mind she is bilingual too) for her age group. Of course, I am proud. Proud for her, not of her. I merely provide her with the basis and the tools she needs, it is her who accomplishes these milestones. I don’t push things. If it was me, she’d still be wearing diapers. I didn’t think she would be old enough to understand and articulate her need to go to the bathroom. Yet, it took her a week to figure it out. One week!!!
She is a pure sunshine, always smiling, flirting even with total strangers in the S-Bahn, talking to people in grocery stores. They think it’s cute. It is.
With two years old she is still fearless and curious. Already a while back she started asking “why”-questions. She is very strong willed and makes it perfectly clear what she wants. If in doubt she’ll use hands, teeth and feet…
Amber, sweetheart, enjoy your childhood, don’t rush things. There is a time for everything.
I love you, Mami.

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One Response to Happy 2nd Birthday!

  1. Bibi says:

    Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag der süßen Maus!

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