FO Friday: Barley and Pumpkin Hat

Last year I knit a rib-a-Roni hat for DH. Sometime in February he lost this hat somewhere between Charlottenburg and Savignyplatz in Berlin. I still mourn after this hat at times (I don’t think we even have a picture of him wearing this hat, yet he did, solely). It was knit with gorgeous Malabrigo yarn and it had a great fit. About a month ago when browsing through ravelry for hats for winter 2013 he came up to me and requested a new hat. I felt honored. He could just go to the next store and buy himself some beanie. Instead he specifically asked for a knitted hat.
October in Germany can include dramatic weather differences. I still remember Unification Day of 2011. Hazel was playing in the sand box in the back yard in a light summer dress. Last year shortly before Halloween we had the first snow.
With his move to Hannover and his daily route to and from work by bike, I figured, DH might be in great need of a warm hat sooner than any of us may think. Last week was already freezing cold in the morning. I even had to scrape ice of the wind shield last Wednesday morning before I cold drive to the bakery in Dresden. On Monday this week we had a nice warm wind.
Knitting for DH isn’t difficult. Yet, I have a standard, an aspiration, to myself. A hat he wants to wear in public should fit well and look good. We browsed patterns last year, he likes it simple, I like the challenge. Since it is his hat, I put my taste and priorities behind and knit what he likes. Barley was just what I suspected he would like. Plain and simple pattern yet it has something to it.
Barley hat
I modified the hat to a pure beanie and left the slouchyness out. Also I had a different gauge in my swatch, since I used an aran weight yarn. The yarn knit up ok. I didn’t expected anything great, likewise I wouldn’t buy the yarn for anything big or any projects with a longer lifetime. It already felted while knitting and it’s very loosely plied which any intermediate knitter will notice when looking closely. But it’ll do for an everyday hat this year. No one said that this would be his one and only hat this season….
The pattern was an easy and quick knit. No challenge there. But it’s what I like about hats. Brainless and fast knitting with instant gratification.

I called my project “heise” as this is DH’s new employer.
Currently, I am really considering knitting a slouchy version of this pattern for myself!

Next in line was Amber’s pumpkin hat. She has been asking for it already. I mean literally asking if this (barley) was her “pumbin hat”. When, on Monday, I finally said “yes, this is indeed your pumpkin hat!” She wanted to try it on right away (5 rows into the project, still at the base ribbing). I promised her to work as fast as I could to get her hat finished as soon as possible. And I did!
This time, I chose a different pattern for the pumpkin hat. Last time, I took this pattern for Hazel’s hat. I really liked the rolled brim. Surprisingly, her hat doesn’t roll up as much as I though it would at all. It barely rolls up at all. For Amber’s hat I wanted to try a different pattern just to see how a ribbing would look.
My swatch was 20 sts/4″ I figured 88 sts cast on would be about her size. According to the picked pattern this would mean a child sizing.

Pumpkin hat number 2

It fits well, I wouldn’t bet on it fitting next year, though. I used Cascade Yarn Cascade 220 (orange and left over primavera from my Christening Shrug). I really like the touch and feel of the yarn. Unlike Wolle Rödel’s this one is rather firm and makes a durable impression. The color bled out a bit when I hand washed it on Wednesday night.
Ever since the hat is done and we get ready to go outside, Amber says “Und is brauch my pumpin hat! [And I need my pumpkin hat!]” She seems very proud of having one as well, just like her sister.

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  1. Kepanie says:

    Great results! I love baby talk.

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