wip Wednesday: Flirty Berberis

One day late. I know.

Last weekend we celebrated Amber’s second birthday with the family. We had a great afternoon with lots of delicious cake (pumpkin pie, apple pie, cheesecake, chocolate cake and a “smarties cake” baked by Amber’s God mother). Everyone fell for the apple cake I baked. I fell for my cheesecake. I don’t like apple cakes. Did I ever mention that I love baking? I love baking!
wip wednesday October/16/2013

wip wednesday October/16/2013

Amber Birthday Görl

Concerning my wip, I am currently working on a cardigan for Hazel. She recently told me she likes to wear something “on top” over her shirts, a vest for example. She enjoys wearing the Wild Vanilla I knit for her. For winter, I thought – and I am hoping I can get my point across with her too – something long sleeved would be more appropriate. The “skirt” will surely help too. She loves dresses and skirts and things that swing.

Color-wise I am really risking something – I am knitting something NOT blue! I am not sure how she will take it. It might very well be that this cardigan needs to wait till Amber fits in it.
wip wednesday October/16/2013
Last night, I also tried something new:
Tonight I frogged the sock again. 64 stitches is most definitely to big!
Don’t know what I was thinking. Socks. Me!

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6 Responses to wip Wednesday: Flirty Berberis

  1. Kepanie says:

    Ooh! That sock looks wonderful in the colorwork. Who is that little cutie? She is a cherub! What a partay. I’ve never had apple cake but I do love a good cheesecake.

  2. Bibi says:

    Socken bekomme ich auch immer nicht hin. Sie sind entweder viel zu groß oder viel zu klein. Also lass ich es lieber. Und außerdem, da wartet dann ja auch immer noch die 2. Socke…. gäääähn. Geht gar nicht 😉

    • Kraftling says:

      Ach, meine Bibi! Sind wir doch versteckte Zwillinge?! Genau das ist mein Problem: es braucht zwei Socken. Und zu allem Überfluss sollten diese möglichst gleich (!) aussehen.

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