wip Wednesday: Lintilla 2.0

I did an au pair year in 2002/2003 in the USA. I had the best au pair family ever. Wonderful children, wonderful host parents, great friends and lots of experiences and memories I still remember. It was a great year.
LintillaI am still in contact with my host family. The children are already in high school, look way different today and the little one can hardly remember me.
I regularly imessage with my host mom even though times have changed. Her and me. Also the distance makes it hard to keep in touch. You never know what they are really up to, what their interests are or what is keeping them up at night…

My host mom has been sending me and the girls gifts pretty regularly. I always wished I had ideas on what to send them. Nothing is more difficult than sending children gifts if you don’t know their current interest.
But this year is going to be different. This year I am going to say thank you!
For now this Thank You is going to go to my host mom’s birthday (mid-November). She had a big influence on me during my au pair year.
I know she likes pink, I asked her specificity for her favorite color (which, back than, I never thought would be PINK).
So I sat down and thought hard what would be a good gift for her.
I figured, to buy something would be easy. Some decoration maybe, but I don’t know her taste. Than I thought, the perfect gift, of course, would be something I made. I can sew and knit. Sewing, well, you’d need sizing. Knitting…. a shawl. At which point I looked back on my recent projects and realized I had knit something pink that everyone loved so far: Lintilla.
LintillaSo I settled on knitting another Lintilla. Pink again, yet this time I didn’t use Malabrigo Sock yarn but Tausendschön Yarn.
Tausendschön Merino SockenwolleWhen the yarn arrived I was fascinated. Hot Pink. I love it!
Additionally it is so squishy and soft – this is going to be a wonderful nice shawlette.

I cast it on a while back but then knit up other projects first. I am a little more down the road than the pictures are showing and made a plan last night: if I work two repeats every night it leaves me with three to four days to finish the final edging and still have enough time to send it to the States. I should, at the latest, put it in the mail by November, 4th. It might be there on time or only by a few days late. But at least close enough to still be recognized as a birthday present.

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5 Responses to wip Wednesday: Lintilla 2.0

  1. vickiyellandbrowning says:

    wow what a gorgeous shawl, the colour is perfect!!! Have a knitty Wednesday xx

  2. This looks brilliant! I hope it makes it on time, but I’m sure she won’t mind 🙂

  3. Gorgeous and so thoughtful. She’ll love ti!

  4. Kepanie says:

    It doesn’t matter if a birthday gift is late. It is always fun to open one! This is a vibrant, saturated pink. How fun to be an au pair.

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