FO Friday: Legwarmies

I got these new shoes last week. They work very well with this slim fitting jeans and are what most people wear this season. I find them semi-comfortable. But honestly, taking them of is a pain as they are soo tight around the legs. I also think, they make enormously big feet. To reduce the effect, I found legwarmers to be a nice accessories. Knitted, of course.
LegwarmersWhen I decided to knit some legwarmers for these shoes/pants I went for yarn that’s been waiting in my stash since forever. I bought these Lang Merino and Schoeller+Stahl balls in 2009/10. Mostly to knit cute baby hats for Hazel from this book. Soon, she had more than enough hats and I also got tired of only knitting those. Since I bought several colors but usually only one ball (50g) there was nothing much that came to my mind what I could knit with Aran weight colors in these little amounts. The yarns were kept, maybe someday I’d find some use for them.
About two days ago I did. Orange was already half way used up (don’t know where I used the other 25g) though and I had 100g of the gray colored yarn (originally bought to knit some fingerless mitts for me). I didn’t use up any of those colors, but they at least got less.
LegwarmersI find it interesting how buying new yarn changed. I wouldn’t by these companies nor those small amounts of yarns today – unless of course specifically for small projects in my queue. Both yarns used are very, very soft ones. It’s nice on ones skin, I agree, but the knitwear has no shape or looses its shape very easily when being washed. Yarns that are just a little bit more firm usually have a better look, I think. But on top of jeans that keep everything in place they’ll make some nice warm legs. And the color matches my shoes perfectly.
First appearance they’ll have in public is tonight at our local lantern walk. The girls are so excited. We made two little owl lanterns yesterday.

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One Response to FO Friday: Legwarmies

  1. Kepanie says:

    Great outcome. They’re fun and look toasty.

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