wip Wednesday: gogogo, Lintilla

Well, I suppose it is natural for plans to get changed. It’s probably in the definition of the word…
Last week, I staged that by knitting at least two repeats each night, I’d be done with the body of my Lintilla by now. I didn’t get to knitting all weekend and last night either. So …

Lintillathere it is. Half way through – half the ball is used up, so yes, actually I am more or less half way through…

The Görls and I are leaving for Hamburg late afternoon and we’ll be back on Friday night. If I get to any knitting in Hamburg, who knows. I am taking the shawlette-in-progress anyway! Since I am not driving to Hamburg to knit, but to enjoy one of my favorite cities that’s ok.
We’ll be visiting my parents who work there. We’ll have lots of playgrounds to go to and tons of bunnies and squirrels to look at. I also set a date with my mom to go to Hamburger Wollfabrik, I am already pretty busy getting myself inspired by various color combinations and projects.
Back to packing up now…

Have a great week and look here and here for more wip’s!

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5 Responses to wip Wednesday: gogogo, Lintilla

  1. Natalie says:

    Enjoy your trip, the Woolfabrik sounds super! Have fun 🙂
    Marigolds’ Loft

  2. Thuri Jons says:

    Pretty Colour 🙂 I hope you tell us more about the Wollfabrik in Hamburg sounds really good, I might just go to Hamburg to see it 😉 I don´t live so far away from Hamburg now, but still haven´t been there in ages

  3. I hope you have fun and make lots of progress…I always get so excited about where I’ve gone that I forget to knit, which I suppose is good! Love the colour.

  4. Kepanie says:

    I love how the shawl swirls. It’s like how it has a mind of its own, sass!

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