FO Friday: Würmchen

As fall is, I still hesitate to say it, so I’ll add a “almost” over and all pumpkins are slowly molding away, I thought it was time for Amber to have a new hat. Hazel’s hats from last year still fit which is why her little sister was first. That I was completely wrong was just proven a few minutes ago when I put the little görls hats on and the big sister got jealous about the new Wurm hat I had knit the last couple of nights.
WürmchenThe major color yarn (pink) is a left over from a pair of knitted pants for Hazel done in 2010. I bought it the same year at Hamburger Wollfabrik. The gray yarn is a “hand-me-down” from my sister who didn’t have any further use for it. As they happen to have the same thickness, I threw them together for this hat.
– btw: sorry for the bad quality of the picture above, minigörl Amber wasn’t exactly in the mood to hold still for those three seconds of my phone to take a sharp shot of her new had. About five seconds after this pic the little index finger went right up to her month. oO –
Back to the hat:
With needle size 4.0 mm I got a gauge of 20 sts/ 10 cm, Amber’s head circumference is about 47 cm, I took 45 cm as reference and casted 90 sts on (with needle size 3.5 mm). This is actually according to the pattern, but the pattern has a gauge of 22 sts/ 10cm.
I knit for 8 rows, purled one, knit again for 9 rows before I flipped the edge to get this double layered brim. I followed the pattern, switched needle sizes and did the increases as called for but stopped after 8 repeats. As I knitted in two colors I did the decreases in purl. They are worked after the last repeat (which is four knitted rows) naturally 5 purled rows would follow. Yet the pattern asks for 5 knitted rows during which you do the decreases. I worked those last 5 rows as the pattern calls for but purled all stitches.
The hat weights about 130g, naturally this weight moves downwards additionally the slouchy part doesn’t exactly give a tight fit, it looks way too big (which was intended) but falls her into the face (not so intended). I will probably put a rubber band inside the folded brim to give the hat a tighter fit around the forehead tonight.

So, when I got the görls dressed today, Hazel was very upset that I had knit a hat for her sister yet not for her. Despite the fact that she currently has three hats to choose from …
I said, I could and will, if she wants to, knit the same pattern for her too. Only exception: different colors (as I am almost out of the pink yarn by now). She chose purple and blue.

And I just got a now project on my list …

What is your finished object this week? See other objects here.

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3 Responses to FO Friday: Würmchen

  1. Carmen N says:

    I know exactly the trouble you have in getting pictures like this! I recently finished a sweater for my daughter and either she doesn’t want to wear it or she’s wearing something else that would totally clash so it would mean a full wardrobe change first! She also doesn’t stand still for very long 🙂 Great job with the hat!

  2. Kepanie says:

    Great Wurm. I like the photo. It’s a natural one and shows how’d your would use it.

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