FO Friday: Berry Waverly

The last two weeks have been crazy and I hope I can tell you all the details soon. But I don’t want to (rather can’t) tell you the details as long as I haven’t finalized anything.
Other than that, we had a busy week. Ballet class on Monday, our weekly Mother-in-law/Grandma Tuesday with a stay at home day for both girls this week.
On Wednesday, I went birthday (Hazel will turn 4 –FOUR– next week!) /Christmas shopping with my MiL and on Thursday friends who used to live in Potsdam came to visit. They have a daughter just a few months younger than Hazel. When they used to live in Potsdam we had a playdate every Thursday. The girls always got along great. And even after a year of not seeing each other they giggled and played together as if they had never stopped having regular play dates.

Today was our first “normal” day of this week. Which isn’t true either. Since it’s St. Nikolaus Day. Note to self for next year: no treats! This spoiled our whole meal time routine. Amber didn’t eat “right” at all today. This usually means early mornings since she’ll be hungry early … You moms out there probably know this rhythm.

As for knitting:
I started the Waverly hat last Friday and finished it on Monday. Just in time for Xaver who brought pretty heavy wind and snow storms last night and today.
I choose the pattern for its texture. Since I have a tiny head circumference I changed needle sizes to 3.5 mm for the the brim and 4.0 mm for the body. And after some heavy blocking it’s a perfect fit.
Waverly Hat
As for the yarn I used Cascade yarn 220 in the colorway “Garnet”. It’s a pretty dark purple and works well with my turquoise cowl and my grey coat.
I even got it blocked on Tuesday night which was necessary due to the lace pattern.

I hope you all have a great second advent weekend.
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One Response to FO Friday: Berry Waverly

  1. Kepanie says:

    It’s so cool how your daughter is zooming off on her bike! I didn’t learn how to until middle school. The hat is awesome.

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