wip Wednesday: Lace Scarf & Happy 4th Birthday

My oldest daughter turned 4 last night.
As every year, I still can’t believe another year has passed and it will take me just as long to realize that she is four. Already.
Hazel had a great day. She didn’t quiet get it when she woke up that TODAY is the magic day she as been waiting for the last weeks. But once she realized that it actually is her birthday she went right downstairs and unwrapped her presents.
I had trouble getting to Kindergarten in time to drop them of since both girls played with the new toys rather than getting dressed or having breakfast.
Once we arrived there, Hazel group was already waiting for her. I have not once seen her getting undressed and saying Bye that fast ever before! As I left I heard them sing Happy Birthday songs 🙂
In the afternoon we met with her best friends and spent the afternoon together playing. After dinner everybody left.
Hazel just fell asleep in my bed. Shortly after 10 pm. Tomorrow morning is going to be tight again.

Knitwise I am really falling behind. There is so much going on right now that I didn’t get to knit as much as I would like too.
wip: PatrakaI started this Foliolum scarf last week. It’s coming along nicely. But it’s so slow. Which is why knitting 8 to 12 rows daily would be good. It would ensure some kind of progress. In the end the scarf will meassure about 2 meters. I barely got 30 centimeters…
The yarn is from Hamburger Wollfabrik. I bought it back when I was still pregnant (!) with Hazel.
Ever since Hazel is sleeping, Amber keeps on waking up. I suppose both girls will be in my bed by 2 am at the latest. I know these nights just too well (this is why we have a big bed, it’s not so much that we as parents have enormous amounts of space, it’s because we want to have enough space with all children and us sleeping there >.< )
Ah, there she is again! Gotta go!

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