First project in 2014

It’s late March. Already.
It feels like years since I last had needles in my hands. But life kept me pretty busy the last 3 months.
In December we found our new house in Hanover, we moved here in December/January. We found new care givers for the girls (yet not very happy with their care giving situation and will change this in August). Beginning of February I started my new job. Ever since I am juggling family, job and household. Damn, I never thought I’ve had that much household stuff to do. The last few years I did it “on-the-go”.As I now work full time, getting the girls in the afternoon, playing and feeding them, getting them to bed and just as they are sleeping, starting my second job… household. Trying to be as efficient as possible and always keeping an eye on the daily jobs (kitchen, laundry, family room – a never ending story).

I told DH already a few weeks ago that I needed the needles back, I was so wired up and exhausted at the same time, longing for some consistency.

And then came last Monday. Somehow I managed to find time and energy and mood to get on the couch with my knitting project. I have been meaning to knit the Sword Fern Lace hat for months. Ever since last fall I thought that this hat would be the perfect fit for spring. I could have used it very well in the mornings while commuting to work. The yarn is Wollfaktor‘s Nana. I only told her, I was looking for some may green yarn, the color she send was perfect. It’s a little lighter and even more saturated than on the pictures.

Sword Fern Lace slouch

Anyway, I casted the lace part on Monday night, finished it on Wednesday, did the ribbing and the first lace pattern part for the crown on Thursday and finished the hat on Saturday. I felt so satisfied and happy.
As for modifications I changed needle sizes due to a slightly thicker yarn and different needle sizes. I also have a rather tiny head, so the ribbing is tighter. Details are written in my raverly project page

Sword Fern Lace hat

I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it!

Great pattern, lovely yarn.
What a welcome back and welcome to Happy 2014 knitting!

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11 Responses to First project in 2014

  1. Bibi says:

    Sie steht dir unglaublich gut! Und du siehst sehr hübsch aus.

  2. soknitsome says:

    Your hat looks great and the colour’s super. Good luck with balancing everything.

  3. Kepanie says:

    Congrats on a new house and job. Glad you found a trustworthy caretaker for your babies. Being a mum is like workin’ three jobs. You go on working fulltime and all that. The lacy beret is wonderful. You are darling.

  4. Mama says:

    großes Lob, sieht super aus

  5. Jules says:


  6. Jules says:

    Hey! Life`s been quite good with me although I don’t know what to do first at the moment…planning a little wedding for next month, organising an apartment change (since 2 rooms are a teeny bit too small for 2 big people and 1 little fellow who is growing faster than I have expected it..) and checking for a new job after the end of my maternity year. It is all SO exciting! Where have you gone now, Hannover? I hope life is treating you, the görls and the hubby good! 🙂

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