wip Wednesday: Tide Pools

With regard to summer and our vacation in Denmark this year, I started a sweater for Hazel last week. For days I browsed ravelry for a pattern. I was looking for a light sweater for summer, maybe something lace or lightweight. In the end I decided for Tide Pools. Nothing lace, I know. I even casted it on in pure merino sock yarn – what was I thinking … I am actually hoping for hot and sunny weather up there! I remember our family vacations years ago in Denmark, we always had hot and sunny weeks up there. Yet, I also remember our last visit to Sylt last year – freezing cold, windy and rainy. Furthermore, I just realized that Hazel has outgrown all knitwear she had that is, knitwear for colder days. She currently doesn’t have a sweater or cardigan I knit. Needless to say, it would be pretty handy to have something she could throw over.
wip Tide pools
Which is when I decided to change that. I am hoping to get this 3/4 sleeved sweater done asap. That way, she could wear it in the (still pretty) cold mornings right now. It could also be handy if it’s cooler in Denmark in summer or at least bypass windy days at the sea.

I knit Tide Pools is a 3/4 sweater in size 4 years in length in fingering weight sock yarn. As for striping I used Schoeppels “indisch rosa”, the main color is Regia sock yarn, off white. The sweater is knit back and forth at the beginning for easy dressing.
As for modifications: I started knitting in the round after the increases were done. I plan to do a button band only as an eye catcher and only as far as the increases go. I’m also thinking to only add one true button hole and leave the others as faked ones and sewn the buttons through both layers.

What are you working on? Any spring knits you can recommend?

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One Response to wip Wednesday: Tide Pools

  1. Kepanie says:

    I’m afraid I don’t knit spring and summer knits. This gansey will be terrific for your daughter. I like the colors.

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