Finished Friday: Tide Pools

I just realized, it’s Friday – Good Friday that is! Which, lucky us, is a national Holiday in Germany.
We spent the day around the house, cleaning, relaxing, doing LOTS of laundry as we will be heading for my parents house tomorrow. Afterwards we’ll be going back to our old “home” to see our best friends and, most importantly, Hazel’s best friends.
She still doesn’t have new friends here and it will probably take another while until she does. So we decided we were going to make Easter all about her.
We will get back here on Monday, just in time to go back to work on Tuesday. DH and the girls will have another day off on Tuesday. But I have bill run on Tuesday so I won’t be home until late which is why I wanted to get everything ready for next week before we leave.
Just in time I finished Hazel’s spring sweater. It’s still blocking and it needs buttons. I got all kind of colors but nothing that really matches the colors of the sweater. I am hoping to find something more fitting tomorrow in Dresden. The weather is pretty changeable, the pullover may be just the perfect item for the next weeks!
Tide Pools

The pattern was really easy. I just made some modifications regarding sizing. Hazel is pretty skinny and size 4 yrs or even 6 yrs (25 1/2 and 27 1/2 inch) would look like a sack on her. I measured her before I started knitting, her chest measures petite 22 1/2 inches (Amber, 2 yrs younger, measures 21 1/2″). I increased as for size two but knit the given size 4 length. Additionally I stopped working back and worth after the increases as I didn’t want the button band to go all the way down to the armpit. Later, when adding the button band I picked up stitches as for 18 months only adding two button holes. I will sew on 4 buttons, aka having two faked buttons.
I asked Hazel to model the sweater before I washed it. It will probably fit her until the end of fall, which would be perfect.
I am really trying hard to get those stripes invisible. Seeing the picture above, it looks even more visible than when I look over to the drying real thing. I just tried stretching them out a bit… Well, I think, I will try a different version of jogless striping with the next striped project.

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2 Responses to Finished Friday: Tide Pools

  1. gracey says:

    It turned out great. I’m sure she’ll love it

  2. Kepanie says:

    Super cute gansey. I like it!

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