Tide Pools in Action

April was pretty warm and dry, May has been cold and wet.
I actually thought Hazel would not be wearing this sweater till fall. Knit as a just-in-case sweater for our summer vacation in Denmark (we were on Sylt last year and the just-in-case brought Grapes and Lime and Eisblumen sweaters saved us throughout the whole trip – it was freezing with cold winds!) I only left it on the shelve of the girls coat rank for Hazel to wear it on cold mornings.
Well, she’s been wearing it quiet a bit and I packed it again for her weekend trip to Berlin this weekend.

Especially for the girls I like sweaters to be a bit longer, reaching well over the waist. While playing, sweaters develop the habit to ride up. Longer sweater also leave more space to grow into and the sweater fits longer, naturally.

Hazel likes her new sweater, probably also because of the color (pink, red and purple, the latter seems to be favorable at the moment). Lately, she also realized that it’s her mommy who knits these things just for her and that she can actually join in with ideas, colors and pattern decisions. I realized that she is developing a taste for colors. Letting her pick colors and showing her other children on the ravelry finished projects pages (especially girls her age) wearing that pattern I’d like to knit for her, gives her a first impression of what the sweater will look like. This seems to help her getting a better idea for the knitwear-to-be. And we can pick patterns together there really is something special to it 🙂

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3 Responses to Tide Pools in Action

  1. soknitsome says:

    Lovely sweater 🙂

  2. Kepanie says:

    Terrific outcome. It totally suits her.

  3. ballabibi says:

    No wonder she likes it, it’s really lovely

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