Throwback Thursday

The past. An ever growing thing. Fast and unstoppable. Every day a day more.
Yet, to remember is one great thing, as much as we can learn from the past we often only understand our lives when looking back.
Throwback Thursday honors the past, recalling and remembering moments that we once called “now”.

throwback thursday
Gastein, December, 29th 2004. DH and I celebrated our first year anniversary just a few weeks earlier. We spent Christmas and New Year’s in Gastein, Austria with his parents. This was my first trip to Austria in winter.
Since I couldn’t ski yet, we did lots of hiking and had long walks through the snowy mountain side. My mother-in-law’s Bernese mountain dog “Luka” was with us too.
In summer 2004 my urticaria came back. I had swollen legs, feet and could scratch myself crazy. After several visits to the doctor’s, I could kick it’s a** over the Christmas holidays. While we were in Gastein I was still on medication. Their most severe side effect: great appetite. We are still making fun of me today that I ate “half a deer” back then. Alone.

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