wip Wednesday: Ruby Red

Appearances are deceitful. Today we had over 20° Celsius but in the mornings it’s foggy, it smells wet and cold. Summer ends. Fall is all over the place. I too have been busy knitting fall sweaters but I feel as if I knit slow as a snail.


wip Catherine Rose

I casted on a fall sweater for Hazel last week with a beautiful soft and squishy 1ply silk merino mix. She’s really sensitive and sock yarn irritates her skin. So before I casted on this sweater we made the “itch-test” and rubbed the yarn against her skin. She said it was fine and I was allowed to cast on this Catherine Rose sweater for her. I hope it’ll fit as I had to make some modifications to it to fit my skinny Hazel-görl.

What have you been crafting and working on? Please leave I comment with a link for me. I am happy to hop over to see your work-in-progress!
Also see Tami’s Blog, Frontier Dreams and Creadienstag.de for other people’s creativities.

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2 Responses to wip Wednesday: Ruby Red

  1. gracey says:

    Oh that’s gonna be great…love the color…

  2. Bibi says:

    WOW! Was für ne schöne Farbe Welche Wolle ist das?

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