Throwback Thursday

For the last couple of weeks Hazel’s been busy working on her “Ich-Buch” (Book about Me) in Kindergarten. They color pictures of their home, their room and their favorite toys/colors/food. They also drew pictures of themselves. To complete the album they were asked to bring along a baby picture of themselves.
We forgot about it last week but last weekend Hazel and I sat down in front of the laptop turned on our NAS and looked through, roughly, thousands of baby pictures. She decided on one of her where she was about 8 weeks old.
I decided on this one for this weeks #tbt

March 2010

The pictures was taken in late March 2010. A day or two before we went to Dubin, Ireland, for a long weekend. I can still recall the overall overwhelmed feeling I still had. Premature labor and bedrest only really tired me out. After her birth, everything was still new, Hazel wasn’t what one would call “a beginner’s baby”. But I also recall that we had this enormous amount of time. Time we spend with Hazel going for walks, hanging around the house and just enjoying her. It was a great time.
And, oh. my. gosh. that hair!

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One Response to Throwback Thursday

  1. Frau PN says:

    *schnüff* und nun ist sie so groß…

    Wunderschönes Bild ❤

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