{rhythm in our home} Fall Favorites

The changing of the seasons from sommer to autuum is, next to winter into spring the most visible one. I guess, I’ve said it before, I like fall. Not espacially for the cold and dark days it rings in, but for the colors and the smell.
No other season let’s us collect so many things from nature to decorate our home with as fall does.
Inspiration #knitting
Fall favorites
We’ve been redecorating the house a bit every now and than over the last weeks. I was a little surprised when I wandered through the house yesterday and realized we really have a fall decorated house already.

Fall Favorites
Fall Favorites
Fall Favorites
Fall Favorites
Today we did some fall related arts’n’crafts with the girls. We cut acorn shaped leafs, attached strings to it and hung it as garlands and crafted kites to decorate our kitchen window with. It’s a pretty easy and low energy craft which goes hand in hand with their attention span.

Fall Favorites
Next to fall related arts’n’crafts I just really like nature right now. The nights may already be cold and in the mornings its foggy and the meadows and fields are covered with morning dew but the days are still warm and sunny. I like to get the görls outside as much as possible, collecting chestnuts, leafs, flowers and berries we can use to decorate our home with, craft with or just to look and explore the world around us.

Spaziergang zum Sonntag

walks in fall (2013)

Spaziergang zum Sonntag

Fall 2013, Amber

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