Hi and welcome to my blog. It’s a pleasure to meet you and I want to say Thank You for Sword Fern Lace hatstopping by and letting me share some moments of our life and my biggest passion – knitting – with you!
I am Kate. We, my husband and our two sproutlettes, Hazel (4) and Amber (2), live in midst the beauty of northern Germany.

In January 2014 we moved from the suburbs of Potsdam and Berlin to lower Saxony, the horse state. Job opportunities for the both of us brought us here.
This is my fifth state in Germany I have lived in and well over my tenth move, I’ve done. I am the last generation of kids born in the former GDR which fell apart when I was six years old. I can’t really remember much from that time, the system probably didn’t interfere much with the life of a 5 year old.
After I graduated from high school, I did an Au pair year in the US and started studying
Facts about meUS-Studies when I came back to Germany. My husband and I met at a lecture about media psychology. We got married 5 years later. Shortly after our first year anniversary our first daughter was born, Hazel.
She is very sensitive and observing. She sucks up everything she hears, sees, feels and experiences. She is our sensitive girl and has in
herited my ability teach herself and did so with riding her bike or writing her name. Her greatest passion is horse riding. Our second daughter followed 22 month later. Amber is pretty easy going but has a strong will. They are two different characters and complement each other well.

I worked as a freelancing tech journalist for little over 3 years before I took my current job in ad sales. We had a home office and I usually worked at night when the görls were in bed or during the day during nap times. As a freelancer, it was my choice on how many jobs I wanted to work on during one week or one month.

I love knitwear for the touch and fell of wool. The smell of wool that lasts for years and the great variety of patterns and possibilities. I started DIY long before it was a must-do. At home we always crafted and did things with our own two hands. Yet, I never learned how to knit as a child. I wmeasn’t patient enough to let my mom or my grandmothers teach me. On top of my lacking patience, yarn was just scratchy or even already felt like plastic and the colors were way off what a young girl would want to were. As a young girl I would were everything except knitwear. It already itched me when I just saw a knitted, store bought, sweater. This all changed with my first pregnancy and the wish to create something unique. Something I made for the baby. Eventually I taught myself to knit through YouTube and kept the first hats I knit secret. The moment I came out with my new hobby, my mom knew I was pregnant.
I still have that very first hat I knit. It’s all stockinette stitch. Through the back loop… By chance I found ravelry and signed in. Ever since I am addicted to knitting.
For months I knit hats only, Hazel probably had one for each day of the week and at some point I really got tired of knitting hats only. In fall 2010 I knit my first cardigan. It was my first bigger project and I really grew with it. By 2011 I knitted more cloths and fewer hats. My most favorite project ever is the orange Jasper diamond hoodie I knit in size 6 months for Amber. In fact, knitting is one of the hobbies I stuck with all these years. I started karate and guitar lesson as a teen but dropped out of most things before I had any success. Everything I know about knitting, I taught myself. With knitting I found one of my greatest strength: I am an auto didactic learner.

I started blogging back in the early 2000. I suppose my best running blog was the one I kept on writing for about two years when I was pregnant the first time and blogged about the pregnancy as well as about Hazel’s first year. So, no, this isn’t my first blog. I discontinued the baby blog as I felt, I needed this place to be something else, something different and more. This blog now is about three important things in my life. Live. Love. Inspire. It’s about our life, about the kids and about my DIY (which is probably 80% knitting and 20% other arts and crafts).

Your favorite post (top 5 all time post):

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My favorite posts:

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  3. this moment
  4. Sword Fern hat
  5. Mini Hoodie 2012

Thanks for stopping by, Thank You for taking your time to share my thoughts with you!



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  1. Jules says:

    Dear Kate! I just wrote you today on FB, but later that day I decided to delete my account permanently. Stupidly I forgot to provide my mail-address for further communication. If you wish, you can stay in contact with me via skype oder mail. I’d love to stay in contact with you! Lovely greetings…Jules 🙂

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